The Onchain Marketing Platform

Pay anyone to tweet anything on X

Secured by smart contracts and verified with AI

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Send an offer to any X account in less than 60 seconds



Ensure brand post requirements are met using AI and Chainlink Functions



Payments are sent immediately upon deal completion using Chainlink Automation

For Brands

Speed & Efficiency

Create and manage all marketing agreements in one place, streamlining operations and accelerating time to market

Trust & Transparency

Payments are only sent if content meets agreed upon parameters, ensuring high ROI for marketing investment

Expand your Audience

Send offers to any creator on X while avoiding the hassles of working with agencies, negotiations, and payment terms

For Creators

Guaranteed Compensation

Get paid on time, every time, with Tunnl's secure smart contracts.

Maximize your Exposure

Connect with brands directly, opening doors to more opportunities and better partnerships

Clear Expectations

All offers include a natural language prompt with the specific content requirements.